Outcomes of Modi’s USA Visit

Outcomes of Prime Minister’s Visit to USA

“Chalein Saath Saath: Forward Together We Go.”


Prime Minister’s Narendra Modi’s visit to the US has been a game-changer – re-setting the Indo-US relationship on an altogether new trajectory. Working through a seemingly impossible schedule of over 35 major engagements, meeting over 100 plus leaders across politics, administration and business – in the 4 days he was in the US.

This was a visit of many firsts:

  • A new element of particularly bonding with the over 3 million strong Indian American community, was also added
  • An unprecedented rock-star reception by a 20,000 strong Indian-American crowd at Madison Square Garden
  • Connecting with 60,000 young Americans in the Global Citizen Festival at Central Park for the cause of poverty eradication
  • Hosted by President Obama over two days, including visiting the Martin Luther King memorial together
  • Two Op-Eds, individually and jointly with President Obama

The Joint Statement reveals an almost point-by-point alignment of the renewed direction of the Indo-US relationship, behind PM’s priorities for India’s development

1.“Make in India”

  • Enhance US FDI and FII investment into India – through a dedicated Indo-US Investment initiative, individually ensuring investment proposals and projects materialize, through a single-point problem resolution and facilitation arrangement
  • Boeing to build – part of the Chinook helicopter mainframe in Bangalore + sustainables for the C-17 aircraft
  • GE to open a new manufacturing and skilling integrated plant in Pune
  • US companies to build next-generation locomotives in India
  • $42 billion US investment into India over the next 5 years – identified by USIBC, from a mere 20% of its membership. If extrapolated, this could translate to possible investments in excess of $100 bn
  • An India-specific initiative by financial companies – to bring sovereign wealth funds and pension funds into India
  • Partnership between RBI and US Fed – for sharing information on regulation and oversight of financial institutions

2. “Next-generation Infrastructure”

  • Infrastructure Collaboration Platform – to enhance participation of US companies in Indian infrastructure projects
  • Digital India Partnership– enhancing digital infrastructure, deploying e-governance and e-services, promoting industry collaboration, and empowering India’s citizens
  • Partnership for upgrading Allahabad (UP), Ajmer (Rajasthan) and Vishakhapatnam (AP) into Smart Cities – bringing in cutting edge US-technology

3. “Swachch Bharat”

  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) alliance for 500 Indian cities – involving USAID as well as US business and civil society (such as the Gates Foundation) – as knowledge partner for our municipalities and state governments for innovation, expertise and technology

4. “Sarve Santu Niramaya”

  • Affordable vaccines programme for developing world diseases such as TB, Malaria and Dengue
  • Collaboration with the US National Cancer Institute to help develop AIIMS-National Cancer Institute at Jhajjar

5.  “Knowledge century”

  • Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN, or Knowledge) – bringing 1,000 American professors from the top 100 Universities each year to teach in Indian Universities. US universities to continue paying their salaries
  • Development of globally benchmarked skill development in India through nation-wide certification systems and new institutions such as Skills Universities
  • Knowledge Partnership with a consortium of top US universities for the new IIT Goa (across curriculum, faculty and facilities) – renewing after 50 years, the powerful precedent of the setting up of IIT Kanpur in 1960 with US assistance
  • Collaboration in developing India’s new National Defence University
  • NASA-ISRO collaboration across domains – Mars Joint Working Group + Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) mission

6. “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”

  • Tourist Visa on Arrival and E-travel authorization for US visitors in India
  • India to join the Global Entry Programme to facilitate easy entry of Indian nationals to the USA
  • Lifetime validity of Indian Visa and removal of requirement of periodic reporting to a police station – for PIOs

7. “Clean Energy & Sustainability”

  • Collaboration for up-gradation of India’s National Institutes of Wind, Solar and Bio-energy
  • New Energy Innovation labs
  • Clean Air partnership between Central Pollution Monitoring Board and US Environment Protection Agency
  • Clean Energy Finance Forum for promoting investment and trade in clean energy projects
  • $1 billion concessional financing from US EXIM bank for Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA)
  • US-India Climate Fellowship Program
  • Special contact group to resolve all Civil Nuclear issues – including liability and administrative issues
  • Partnership for India’s National Parks – exchanging experience of conservation, facilitation of visitors, research, training and outreach

8. “Zero Tolerance on Security threats”

  • Stronger partnership against Terror – joint and concerted efforts for dismantling of safe havens and disrupting financial and tactical support of – D-Company, Haqqani network, Jaish-e-Mohammed and LeT  (many of these threats to India acknowledged for the first time)
  • Cooperation across domains – including increased intel-sharing, as well as access to cutting-edge technology and tactics (eg. Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles, countering IEDs, navy vessels and counterfeit currency)

9. “Natural Allies”

  • US support for India’s increase voice and vote in the IMF and World Bank
  • US affirmation of India meeting Missile Technology Control Regime (MCTR) requirements, and it’s readiness for membership in the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group (NSG)


This visit by the Prime Minister has the potential to redefine India’s image in the world. Modi used his inimitable style to not only affirm, on the most prominent global stage, that India’s rise is inevitable but that it is also and opportunity for the world to become a partner in this rise for mutual benefit.



Note: The contents of this “Notes and Releases” has been prepared by a BJP reserach team.


One thought on “Outcomes of Modi’s USA Visit

  1. joshi says:

    Your blog confirms in a nutshell, Zero Dollar Business in Talk with Prez Obama.

    Mr. Abe Committed USD 35 Bil. in NaMo’s Visit to Japan.
    Mr. Xi comitted USD 20 Bil in his visit to India.
    Mr. Obama committed USD NIL while Rockstar stayed at whitehouse.

    So Obama smartly hosted a Rockstar and did NOT transact with Indian PM?


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