Vision and Mission of Rahul Gandhi – Updated

Politically Incorrect


One of the things that serious political commentators in India have done over the years is to continuously question Rahul Gandhi for not having a vision for India. This healthy criticism of Rahul Gandhi acquires a mocking tone when the voices are from the right of center political forces and some times even derisive when they are from BJP inclined commentators. Those on social media, like Twitter, take special fun in mocking Rahul Gandhi ( I myself plead guilty to this charge).

However, lately I have been reading a profile of Rahul Gandhi and realized that most of this criticism is bunk. Rahul Gandhi, over the years, through his public pronouncements, has not only laid out a stunning vision for India but has also enunciated specific ideas to solve our most pressing problems.

Below, I am going to produce some of the most important pronouncements of Rahul Gandhi on various policy issues facing India. Looked holistically, they offer a comprehensive vision into the mind of Rahul…

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