The AFSPA Debate – Why we need it?

Since the debate on AFSPA has been sharply brought back in focus by the terrorist attack on CRPF jawans in Srinagar on 13th March, 2013, I am presenting a series of 20 tweets I wrote on need for AFSPA, as long as the Army operates in Kashmir. These tweets were written on 26th Nov 2012 when an effort was mounted by many to build a case for repeal of AFSPA.


One last point – these tweets are an attempt at explanation to those who might be curious about the need for AFSPA. As for the separatists – well, India will sort them out.

3 thoughts on “The AFSPA Debate – Why we need it?

  1. Lt Col Tushar Pandey says:

    AFSPA as a tool for fighting insurgency is an essential. Here’s a thought…. Give Police a law similar to AFSPA and watch them get results. Everyone know how KPS Gill got rid of insurgency in Punjab. So, I say, empower the Police/ PMF and leave Army out of it. We have a sufficiently extensive border and adequately hostile neighbors to take care off.


    • Akhilesh Mishra says:

      Brilliant point Lt. Col. Pandey. AFSPA is a weapon. Period. The aim of those wanting AFSPA to be repealed but Army to remain, is actually to make the Army weaponless. Also agree to your point that Army has to leave at some point. That is a genuine debate.


  2. kiku says:

    Are all people residing in Kashmir or N.E states terrorist/seperatist??? Civilians do reside in these states, doesn’t an act lik AFSPA tarnish the beauty of democracy??? Coz I believe if Kashmir n N.E is very much a part of Indian Union, then the civillians residing there are very much alike the citizen living in New Delhi…..


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