Vision and Mission of Rahul Gandhi – Updated


One of the things that serious political commentators in India have done over the years is to continuously question Rahul Gandhi for not having a vision for India. This healthy criticism of Rahul Gandhi acquires a mocking tone when the voices are from the right of center political forces and some times even derisive when they are from BJP inclined commentators. Those on social media, like Twitter, take special fun in mocking Rahul Gandhi ( I myself plead guilty to this charge).

However, lately I have been reading a profile of Rahul Gandhi and realized that most of this criticism is bunk. Rahul Gandhi, over the years, through his public pronouncements, has not only laid out a stunning vision for India but has also enunciated specific ideas to solve our most pressing problems.

Below, I am going to produce some of the most important pronouncements of Rahul Gandhi on various policy issues facing India. Looked holistically, they offer a comprehensive vision into the mind of Rahul Gandhi and how he might govern India should he become Prime Minster.  The quotes, taken from his public pronouncements, are verbatim without any editorializing or contextualizing, so as to not, in any way, prejudice the reader. Each quote is also followed by a link to a very authentic source from where it has been taken so that they are verifiable and not disputed by his critics.

Rahul Gandhi and his Mission

  • How to solve terrorism: “I am confident that this country can take on terrorism. Defeating it is no problem. If we empower those people in villages, we can sit back, relax and we will destroy terrorism in 15 minutes”. ( link )
  • Idea of India“China is referred to as the ‘dragon’ and India as an ‘elephant’. But we are not an elephant, we are a ‘beehive’. ( link )
  • On legacy of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty: “You know that when any member of my family had decided to do anything, he does it. Be it the freedom struggle, the division of Pakistan or taking India into the 21st Century.” ( link )
  • On the most serious terrorist threat to India : “more than Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) , the bigger threat (to India) may be the growth of radicalized Hindu groups, which create religious tensions and political confrontations with the Muslim community”  ( link )
  • World Geography: Gujarat is bigger than United Kingdom and India is bigger than Europe and US put together. “ ( link ; timer mark : 5:05 to 5:40)
  • Philosophical view of politics: “Politics is everywhere. It’s in your shirts, it’s in your pants”. ( link )
  • On UP economic situation: “For how long, will you beg in Maharashtra or work as labourers in Punjab?” ( link )
  • On Punjab social situation: “10 out of 7…..err…..7 out out 10 youth in Punjab are drug addicts” ( link  )
  • FDI in Retail: “What does FDI mean? Very simple. Giving money to farmer”  ( link )
  • Definition of poverty: “I have asked bureaucrats, define poverty. A rural woman defined it to me: poverty has 1 cure: self- confidence” ( link )
  • India’s Freedom Struggle: “In Jhansi, I see Rani ki Jhansi. She is a hero.” ( link )

Rahul Gandhi’s Grand Vision for India : 

“Last century (20th century) was dominated by Saudi Arabia. India is the Saudi Arabia of the 21st century.” ( link , link )


Rahul Gandhi – The leader India awaits 

It is quite clear from the above, that Rahul Gandhi has policy formulations on specific issues, such as ways to solve the vexatious problem of terrorism. In fact his solution is so brilliant that we just have to “sit back and relax” as terrorism self destructs itself in 15 minutes flat-out. Not only this, Rahul Gandhi has a philosophical explanation of what constitutes good politics and understands it in granular detail including and up to the level of our shirts and pants (and away from shallow concepts like public service in cause of the nation etc).

Rahul Gandhi also has a unique understanding of India history and correctly establishes that his family, and his family alone, achieved freedom for India by defeating the mighty British empire. It is this insider perspective to India’s freedom struggle that also enables him to see Lakshmibai as “Rani ki Jhansi” and not by the dubious title bestowed on her by colonial historians as “Jhasni ki Rani”.

Rahul Gandhi’s Idea of India – “India is a beehive” – is very well thought, neat, simple and away from the highfalutin seen in OpEd pages. It is not only perfect for 21st century India but also carries forward the vision of India’s greatest Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. Just as in a beehive there are worker bees and queen bees, so too in this Idea of India there are princes and then there are workers – workers who are ready to sweep the floor or shoot to kill on just a nod.

But more than the above, Rahul Gandhi has a Grand Vision of India. This vision is derived from  history and promises a dream future. Debunking the carefully constructed propaganda that 20th century belonged to USA, he rightly credits Saudi Arabia for being the undisputed leader of mankind in 20th century. And thus his vision – India should be the Saudi Arabia of 21st century. What could be more grand than that?

Finally, I hope that this post dismantles, once and for all, the canard spread that we do not know what Rahul Gandhi stands for. It is time the BJP inspired forces looked within and stopped their calumny. While clearly they cannot match the breadth of Rahul Gandhi’s vision, the least they can do is learn some decency and humility from the man himself.


PS: It is obvious that this is not a comprehensive listing of Rahul Gandhi’s life and times. The post will be updated as and when the great man speaks next.

32 thoughts on “Vision and Mission of Rahul Gandhi – Updated

  1. Sandip says:

    Hahahaha Awesome !! Great man ! Great !! Still laughing :)) phewwww…
    Last line is ” The post will be updated as and when the great man speaks next ” quiet hillarious too 🙂 Keep it up Amit !


  2. Ribhu Lavania says:

    Rahul created history by leading Congress during Bihar and UP elections. He is going to repeat the success story in Gujrat too….


  3. Like the futuristic vision statements like ‘india is bigger than Europe and US put together’ …plans to invade and capture all landmass from India to Italy to make that vision come true…or just build a toy map. Maybe will take geography lessons instead 🙂


  4. Wonderful! I never knew that Rahul G has such inspiring ideas and vision! He is perfectly suited to lead the country soon! India will be the Saudi Arabia of 21st Century! Hmm… nothing can be more inspiring than that!


  5. Gujju By Heart says:

    Couldn’t decide whether to laugh at such Jokes or to Cry for mercy for this lovely country.

    How can anyone expect this Govt to remove reservation based on birth when these kind of mental retards can also gain so top positions in this country just by birth.


  6. Cuffe Parade says:

    My only point is how can a host of eduated intelligent qualified Congis bow before this moron. Like, how much does he & mammamia pay them. Like, does he think the rest of India is an extension of a village in UP?


  7. As a result of your piece, I screamed “oops” and annoyed the guy sitting next to me. Why doesn’t this qualify for “annoying” “offensive” material fit for invoking IT Act Section 66A. Or 66E for making private areas public without any cover up, not even a decent fig leaf ? It could even qualify as blasphemy of some kind… though I’m still scratching my head how… stay tuned!


  8. sreddy says:

    RG’s vison ofr India is zero. He is riding on the Family name and the Chmachas of Congress. It sishamleful for great country like India to promote this moraon and upstart


  9. Best joke was :
    Gujarat is bigger than United Kingdom and India is bigger than Europe and US put together
    Where is UK, US and Where is India, good jokes. But I found first person who praised RG, even congress men have lost hopes…
    Keep us entertaining Mr Akhilesh Mishra


  10. While I went on reading this article I was enjoying it as the satire but suddenly author made the most chutia kaam by wagging his tail to Rahul vinci… Haha what a joke? Haha what a reality for congress!!


  11. naveen says:

    We need to laugh on ourself for electing such morons. What more you can expect from such GREAT leaders. Lets all make sincere efforts to throw these Mother and son out of our country and rule our country by yourself.


  12. Sunder says:

    Brilliant. Keep up the good work…. till the great “visionary” gets off our backs and finds a career he’s best suited for, which could be Director of a Five-Star Hotel or as partner in his bro-in-law’s property business.


  13. Rahul Baba, the original India dream merchant?

    A small but exemplary list of Rahulisms. They show him to be a true scion of the Congress Party and inheritor of the Nehru mantle. Fit to lead India, for sure:

    (Not compiled by me but their names withheld out of security concerns)

    CII summit, New Delhi (April 2013)

    There is a tendency to look at India as a country. If you go back 1,000 or 2,000 years, India is actually energy. It is a force. It came from Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati. As this energy goes abroad, you are our people who will tell everyone what this energy is all about. It’s this energy that’s driving us.

    Interaction with professionals, Ahmedabad (Feb 2009)
    Gujarat is bigger than the United Kingdom, to give you an idea. In fact, India is bigger than Europe and the United States put together.

    Speech on nuke deal in Parliament (March 2009)
    I spoke about two poor families – one of them was called Mrs Kala. Mrs Kala said she had diversified her income sources and used that to bring up her nine children. Nuclear energy acts as Kala’s main crop. The problem is the way our nuclear industry is positioned. Our scientists are tied because they do not have fuel, investment and technology. I’m proud to say Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has recognised the problem as well as the potential solution.

    Interaction with media, Kolkata (Sept 2013)
    Politics is everywhere. It’s in your shirt, your pants. Politics is everywhere. That is the problem with youngsters these days. This is a fundamental problem and we are trying to solve this problem

    A reaction to Anna Hazare’s agitation at Ram Lila Maidan, New Delhi (Aug 2011)
    The real question is can we take up the battle against corruption? There are no simple solutions. It requires a firm political will. Annaji has expressed the same sentiments. The question before us is whether we are prepared to take corruption head on. Lokpal Bill cannot be a substitute to fighting corruption.

    Chairing a talk on future of the Internet, JNU campus, New Delhi Jan 2013)
    Stop asking politicians what they would do. Start asking yourself what you would do. That’s how the country will move forward

    A meeting with students of LN Mishra university, Darbhanga, Bihar (Aug 2011)
    If the country has to change, Gujarat has to change – a comment that sparked an uproar and resulted in his exiting the meeting midway. His correction: ‘Galti se Gujarat bol diya Bihar ke bajaaye’ (By mistake I said Gujarat instead of Bihar).

    Indian Institute of Information Technology convocation, Amethi (Nov 2011)
    I would like to talk about the big picture. Here’s the big picture. When we started 60 years ago, we were not connected. No roads, no schools and no healthcare. Villages were not speaking to each other. The energy of India, which lies within people, was not talking to each other. We’ve been able to connect Indians. We started out as a poor nation where everybody was poor

    CII summit, New Delhi (April 2013)
    There are people doing yoga in New York and dancing around, that’s Indian power. You go to a night club somewhere in Spain and there’s Amitabh Bachchan on the screen there, dancing around. That’s the power of India. That’s the power of Indian people.

    Congress workshop on social media, New Delhi
    If India is a computer, Congress is its default program. Congress comes natural to India’s ethos. Here, anger and aggression are not appreciated

    CII summit, New Delhi (April 2013)
    Optimism for me is like India. It is bursting with dreams and fearless ideas, brave ideas. Millions and millions of youngsters are struggling every day with optimism.

    CII summit, New Delhi (April 2013)
    We have to provide the roads on which our dreams are paved. And these roads can’t have potholes. They can’t break down in six months. They have to be big roads because they are going to carry strong people, strong forces

    A reaction just after the Mumbai attacks (July 2011)
    It is difficult to prevent every single terror attack. If the US can’t prevent terror attacks, how can we? The war is taking place. Not in the US, but on them. The war has moved. They are losing people in Afghanistan. We can stop 99 per cent of attacks, but one per cent may get through.

    Chairing a talk by Internet founder Vint Cerf, JNU, New Delhi (Jan 2013)
    Every situation that Indian person finds himself in is extremely complex. We have to deal with the red lights. As young leaders here have to deal with senior with senior leaders, suddenly someone disrupts your entire life. Everything happens, sort of, according to your karma, it’s all random

    CII summit, New Delhi (April 2013)
    We need to empower everybody, not one person, not almost everybody, but everybody.

    CII summit, New Delhi (April 2013)
    I went to University in 1991. I remember nobody thought of India. I remember conversations where people would laugh and say, ‘Do you have elephants on the road?’ Nobody is saying that today. A huge part of it is because of you people

    During a talk in Allahabad on ‘Culture, Deepening Democracy and Most Marginalised Communities’ (Aug 2013)

    Poverty is a state of mind. It does not mean the scarcity of food, money or material things. If one possesses self-confidence, then one can overcome poverty


  14. SIPPY says:

    Simply throwing freebites is not politics.For that you donot need any grey matter.Any fool can do it.Introduce schemes where people are put on their feet.Freebites makes them dependent.All congress leaders are cheap leaders and not statesmen,say like late WInston Churchill.My sincere advise to both Sonia& Rahul-Politics is not your cup of tea.Please
    resign and go.


  15. anonymous says:

    Mr. Gandhi,
    you know what……… nobody is gonna help you for nothing….. you got to wake up……. those who are helping might behave so

    dedicated, but that doesnt mean that you got to trust them and shouldn’t suspect………also they might seem so extraordinary or

    friendly, actually thats not your fault, they are such experts in deceiving you….. and you know what, though they would have

    mentioned the reasons to help you(those might be simple ones), but there might be a hidden reason which might be to the extent of

    even endangering you………. so beware………again you got to be aware of a traitor than an enemy…… such an a$$hhOOlleeees(i

    meant cheaters here) they are…………ofcourse, thats the difficult part in anybody’s life……..thought you are eye-blinded by

    increasing fame, just trying to remember your field and its importance of being conscious in it…….. (P.S. if you are involved in

    something like deceiving people or someone, you might laugh at this…. if you aren’t involved in anything and not able to understand

    this line then take care of what mentioned above…..and if you feel irrelevant, kindly ignore…..)


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