M. F. Husain – May you never return !

The purpose of this post is not to write a lengthy prose on Husain and his crime.  That has been written and said about many times before. What I am going to do is post actual pictures of Husain paintings – paintings of Hindu gods and goddesses and paintings of Muslim women and some other paintings.

My view – see the paintings and make up your own mind !

Make up your mind, whether the secular fundamentalists are right when they say that Husain deserves Bharat Ratna or whether nationalists are right when they say the Husain deliberately denigrates Hindu sentiments?

The first six paintings : These are of Muslim women and Mother Teresa that Husain has painted in his lifetime.

There is not even one painting amongst these that is even remotely nude. An artist who dabbles in nudes, a perfectly legitimate art form, does not make exceptions based on religion or caste. If Husain’s calling would have been nudes, he would have painted all with same gay abandon. Yet, in his lifetime Husain has not even once, painted Muslim women in nude. Never ever. Is this a mere coincidence?

Is it not extraordinary, that Husain choose to not exercise his artistic calling without consideration for consequences with respect to all religions? Is that not what artistic freedom is all about – to not care for the consequences? Freedom of speech is also about freedom to offend. But offend one and all then. Exercising your freedom to offend one set of people while going great lengths, over your lifetime, never to offend another set of people? And if Husain choose to respect some sentiments and curb his artistic license, is that not more a political judgement he made? Are not political judgements, like all other political judgements, liable to be questioned for motives and intent?

Next eight paintings: Paintings of Hindu goddesses.

If Husain’s calling is not nudes, then surely he would paint Hindu goddesses in non-nudes sometimes. Yet have a look at these paintings. Each and every one of them is nude. Is this a mere coincidence? Muslim women never in nude and Hindu goddesses always in nude !!

Husain’s apologists argue that even ancient scriptures like Khajuraho have nudes. Yes they have. But they have nudes in pure artistic form and never connote or invent sexual relationship that never existed in reality of traditions and scriptures. Temples such as Khajuraho have had nudes, sometimes even depicting gross sexual acts, yet there has never been a controversy over them.  Why? Because they depicted sexual acts between either known partners or between unknown faces which could not be traced to deities revered by millions for over centuries. No sexual formation is depicted, ever, anywhere, between gods and goddesses which did not exists in reality.

Husain however, depicts Sita in sexual formations with both Ravana and Hanuman. Did you read Hanuman, who considered Devi Sita as his mother? Yes, that is the level of perverseness that Husain indulges in. And, yet he has his apologists in media !!

Last painting: The real clincher !

Out of the four leaders M. Gandhi is decapitated and Hitler is naked. Husain hates Hitler and has said in an interview 8 years ago that he has depicted Hitler naked to humiliate him as he deserves it ! How come Hitler’s nudity cause humiliation but nudity of  Hindu goddesses do not?  In fact when Husain’s argues that nudity in art depicts purity and is in fact an honor shows Husain’s complete perversion and hypocrisy.

I want you to pay special attention to the painting of the Muslim King and Hindu Brahmin. An artists, in supreme zone of his artistic enlightenment, remembered who should be nude and who should be fully clad ! I rest my case.

Finally, this is what Vinod Mehta, the torch bearer of secularism in India had to say about Husain and his real reasons for fleeing India ( tax problems by the way and not some great ethical statement).

Vinod Mehta in Outlook: “Husain is a great artist—even his critics grudgingly admit the fact. But he is not such a great human being.”

At least, Vinod, a self-confessed pseudo secular, had the moral courage to face up to Husain’s “manipulations”. Will other secularists have similar courage?

40 thoughts on “M. F. Husain – May you never return !

    • Akhilesh Mishra says:

      Thanks for the appreciation. As for deleting, why should I? Infact I would suggest that this article get as much publicity as possible so that Hussien’s duplicity can be exposed.


  1. Akhilesh, if MF has tried to tarnish the Hindus and Hindiusm through his paintings – it’s an absolute scorn. However, the nudity is explained and portrayed in Hinduism’s history in India. What’s out there in Gajrao, Ajantha, and many such places. He just copied them is all I understand.

    P.S: Don’t take my comment from a Muslim, but an impartial observer.


    • Akhilesh Mishra says:

      Essentially the criticism of Hussien boils down to this – if he excels in nude paintings – a legitimate art fom – then why do all his nudes have only been about Hindu Gods and no one else? Why should a painter, who is above normal world affairs, care for who he offends – if he intends to offend let him do so to all and no one will object.

      Second – Hussien invents sexual relationship between gods that never existed in reality – and some of it can be very disturbing. The entire Ramayana is premised on the story of Sita remaining pure inspite of being abducted by Ravana – Hussien depicts Sita in sexual union with Ravana !

      Make up your mind, whether Hussien offends or not?


  2. ZUBAIR says:

    Thank you for your very thoughtful analysis. I heartedly condemn his intension to tarnish Hindu feeling which is strictly not permitted according ti Islam.
    Nevetheless, in academic perspective, Ramayana and Bhagacatgeeta are not considered to be Hindu testaments. Those were written by some saints. Hindu testaments Yejurveda, Samaveda and Rigweta are teaching Monotheism and there are no GodS, but ONLY God. Worshiping idols are not permitted in Hinduism as in Islam where as many of its nominal followers worship the grave too which is the never-forgiven sin according to Islam and Hindu testaments.


    • Akhilesh Mishra says:

      The debate is not about monothesim of Hinduism or not. That is a separate story. What’s in contention is M F Hussien’s actions and whether they are condemnable or not !

      With regard to your comment as to not take your comments as that of a Muslim but a neutral observer – I agree entirely. Infact most Muslims I have met also agree that M F Hussien has transgressed the limit. It is only the bogus secular media that keeps providing him oxygen !


  3. Ravi Ranjan Pal says:

    he must b hanged we should also maaake painting of his mother fucked by him so called mother fucker and same for his daughter he must b directly chopped


    • Akhilesh Mishra says:

      While there are angry sentiments against M F Hussien, I must disagree with your language. One need not stoop to the level of Hussien !


    • @jon-dude, u feel sensual looking at the nude pics of hindu gods… wonder how will u react if someone feels sensual looking at nude pics of someone whom you consider with highest regard,belief and faith.


  4. sureshjetindia says:

    eventhough i knew about husseins controversies regarding indian idols and gods…i have never seen his works before..thanks for bringing it in here n exposing him to many, who dont knw much about him like me…


  5. sabina sheikh says:

    Because of such morons the whole muslim community is always considered as the enemies of the nation ! I am an Indian muslim girl but ashamed of his mentality.


  6. extraordinarily brilliant. As you said it has become a fashion to beat Hindus even if anything remotely connected to Muslims . I think the whole issue was blown out of proportions by pseudo secularists. I wish to ask Vinod mehta’s of the world: What would be their reaction if these paintings were done by a Hindu?

    Anyway thanks for bringing a perspective. I have read other posts on PC and General VK Singh. You carry a refreshing insight into normal looking things.

    Keep it up


  7. chada says:

    Dear mishra great post. U ve tore apart our secularists cover. i think after reading yr post our secularists r running in search of new material to cover their nakedness.


  8. FRC says:

    Was Hussain around when the sculptures of Khajuraho temples were done? It had to be M.F.Hussain in his previous birth. Just wondering.


    • Akhilesh Mishra says:

      I have a policy of no moderation on comments. All comments become public immediately. So let us keep the debate in civil language. Thanks 🙂


  9. Asad Yar Khan says:

    All my love and sympathies for all my brother Hindus who are still feeling the pain of this who put forth right questions. But which Muslim is promoting these absurd paintings of MF? Who? And who is justifying it? Why must their be always a Hindu-Muslim between any topic! Are they not Hindus who are supporting those rubbish paintings! Why don’t you write about unity instead of disunity? Never-mind, Come to Lucknow and we would support you cause? But talk about unity and peaceful negotiations! Their are thousands of learned Muslim young guns who believe it’s absolutely unjust and devilish! – A proud Pathan of my Loving India!


  10. Asad Yar Khan says:

    And one more thing brother, MF Hussain is neither God nor was he a Prophet whose words would be what you must have been told or read embraced by foolish Muslim youth comprising your this brother. Nor are we sheeps of Israel who like blind beggars hold MF’s ideological hand to move about and forward in near future with the same ideology as his, for we have given you some khans, some rehmans, some Abdul Kalams, some Zakir Hussains, uncountable if you Google notable Indians, all under the shades of all monumental achievements like Taj Mahal, to cheer about not just out of ignorance, isn’t it? And you only care about our black sheeps isn’t it? Never-mind, it was only to tell you there are so many of them like me! To conclude, talk about truth, talk about Peace, and we are always with you! Lets bring about a lovely and beautiful change in our already beautiful country! Ram-Ram! Allah Hafiz! May you be blessed! (your friend, brother, and well wisher-Asad!)


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