The Great Financial Crisis – Preface

Hello All,

Considering that the present financial crisis has been variously described as the most challenging after the “Great Depression” of the 1930’s and certainly the greatest of our generation, I thought it would be fitting if the issues involved could be put in perspective. So here is a take, which has been doing the rounds on the internet which I found very interesting. I have not been able to elicit who the original author of the piece is. However, I liked the write up immensely because of the very lucid way in which it explains the complex maze. Therefore, I have decided to post it in a new category called “explanatory musings”. I especially recommend this piece to the uninitiated in complex financial matters ( like me).

Warning: Since the article is going to be long, it will be in the form of a series. So if the reader wants the complete picture, she is advised to read the entire series.

PS: I am posting the two part series in exactly the same form as I received it in email. Please do not be misled by the first person style of the writing. I am not the original author of this piece.



One thought on “The Great Financial Crisis – Preface

  1. Salma Prabhu says:

    A good beginning on an issue which probably has visited or shall visit the masses.
    As far as the entire picture is concerned, the tip of the iceberg can reveal the depth of the matter.


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