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About Me:

An engineer by education, marketing man by profession and policy activist by passion, I has worn many hats in his career. Born in Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, India, I grew up in Allahabad where I spent my schooling years. After obtaining a B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology (ISM) Dhanbad, I worked in many multinational companies in various sales and marketing roles. The decade long professional experience from the management trainee level to senior management positions has gave me a unique perspective in marketing and brand communication.

A keen observer of policy and political space, and the interplay between the two, I have been active in the opinion writing space on my own blog and on various online and digital platforms for over a decade now. I have also been an active voice on various social media platforms, on both policy and political issues.

Towards the end of 2012, I gave up my professional career to volunteer full time for the Prime Minister Narendra Modi 2014 election campaign.

In February 2015, I joined MyGov, Government of India’s online citizen engagement platform, as Director Content. I conceptualized and led many of the initiatives of MyGov as it established itself as the principal interface between the government and citizens. During this period, MyGov established many benchmarks, including conducting the largest ever citizen consultation process during the Smart Cities Challenge, and conceiving and organizing the first ever town hall with Prime Minister of India.

 In October 2016, I joined BlueKraft Digital Foundation as its founding CEO. 

Articles in Media:

Some of my writings have appeared in media platforms and other blog sites. The author index page of these various platforms are:

About this Blog

The contents of the blog would mainly be a commentary on issues of current importance and relevance. And here is a promise – the views will be correct and only correct, political import be damned!  .

Goes without saying that the views expressed here are entirely my own and are in no manner either endorsed or sponsored by my employer or any organization that I may be a member of.

A Note on the Categories

  • There are Eight categories in which the posts on this blog are organized. A brief description is annotated with each category.
  • Of the eight categories, ‘My Take’ and ‘Idea of India’ are the two primary categories in which my writings and analysis of events will be indexed. Also, of the eight categories, the posts in seven of those, except the category ‘Notes and Releases’ will be exclusively authored by me.
  • The category ‘Notes and Releases’ will have explanatory notings on matter of current importance. These notings may not necessarily have been prepared by me and the blog page is serving as a mere platform to spread the message. However, since it appears on my blog, I do stand by everything contained in these notings and releases.

Enjoy !

Akhilesh Mishra